About Kalnar Advocates

Kalnar was founded in 2010 and is composed of advocates of diverse backgrounds. It was set up as a partnership of lawyers having served clients in diverse sectors.

We are a team of highly trained and experienced lawyers dedicated to offering excellent legal and consultancy services to meet our clients’ needs in a professional manner that exceeds their expectations. Our team boasts of unquestionable experience acquired over a period of time from both the public and private sectors, and an unrivaled record as Advocates and Legal Consultants in various fields of the law.

Our Slogan

Lawyers You can Trust and Keep

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of excellent and timely legal and consultancy services.

Our Mission

To provide effective, appropriate and efficient advice and the highest quality of legal representation to solve the challenges our clients face and to help create opportunities that will move their enterprises forward.

  • Excellence
  • We believe that our clients know what they want to achieve and they choose to come to us, trusting that we will help them do the same. We are dedicated to delivering as per the instructions rendered and where necessary, we offer a variety of well thought through and thoroughly researched legal options for concrete and lasting solutions to the challenges for which our Clients come to us.

  •  Integrity
  • We seek to meet our Clients’ needs with integrity and commitment.

  • Innovation and Teamwork
  • We engage all our innovative capacities to deliver excellent legal service. Absence of the main Counsel dedicated to a case is not an excuse for delay. At KALNAR Advocates, we work as a team and there will always be someone competent and available to deliver service(s) at all times.

  • Approachability
  • We are an approachable team that can be trusted to listen and serve.

  • Community and Legal Aid
  • We believe that a world driven by capital has the potential to leave some of the people unrepresented. We believe in inclusiveness thus, where we deem it fit, we may offer pro bono services to persons who may not be in position to meet the attendant costs.  It is our belief that contribution to community is invaluable such that we grow as our community also grows.

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