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December 6, 2021
November 3, 2023

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Maintenance/Software (Solution) Support

A consultancy firm that emerges the best will also most likely be contracted to provide maintenance support. For any support that may require a Consultant to add more functionality to the system beyond the functions discussed in the contract will be meant by CERIMP. Maintenance support will thus be contracted as part of the contract resulting from this Terms of Reference/ RFP

Any support required due to unexpected, unintended results, faults (bugs) in the system will be sought at NO COST from CERIMP. The Consultant will have the responsibility to maintain the system until it is in its stable state and all defined functions have been implemented and tested and are working fine.

The scope of the maintenance support activities to be provided by the Consultant may range from database support, version up-grades, help desk, enhancements to the Software/Solution, etc. (Please provide a maintenance and support document)


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