Strategic Areas of Practice

Conveyancing and Land Transactions

Sales, acquisitions, property management, legal opinions and due diligence. Registration of mortgages, caveats, leases and charges.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Negotiation and drafting agreements, legal advisory, alternative dispute resolution. Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance Advisory Services.

Litigation and Arbitration

Legal opinions, conducting litigation and alternative dispute resolution before courts of law, debt collection and recovery.

Family Law

Adoption, guardianship, custody, marriage and settlements. Wills, Estate Planning and Administration.

National and International Human Rights Law

Implementation, protection and promotion of human rights.

Policy, Research and Advocacy

Drafting of policy documents and research in the interest of Clients. Production of policy updates and position papers on various social and economic issues at national and international level.

International & National Criminal law

Prohibition of certain categories of conduct (serious atrocities). Criminal accountability.

Migration and Immigration Law

Refugee protection and international migration procedures.


Tax administration and relevant procedures.

Legal Consultancy

Providing legal advice, assisting in handling disputes, analyzing and identifying legal issues, drafting legal documents and maintaining correspondence.

Alternative dispute resolution

 Arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

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